Personnel Placement

Searching on a success basis


While working with us in the area of personnel placement, you will receive access to qualitatively high level candidates from our pool of applicants. These individuals are often not accessible on the open employment market. The meticulous choice of candidates with a focus on professional qualifications and personality is always the central focus of our activities.

With every potential candidate we carry out an intensive and structured personal discussion and outline to the candidate the realistic possibilities within the actual current market situation.

Our candidate dossiers include not only the CV and references, but also our precise and authentic interview evaluation, always with the inclusion of our own development recommendations.

Before we provide you with a candidate recommendation we will clear up any elementary detail questions with you.

On the basis of this information will check our pool of candidates for any suitably coherent profiles.

The candidates who come into consideration will be contacted by us and they will be informed in detail in relation to the vacancy. Following the agreement and concrete interest from the candidate will we then send you the complete application dossier.

We will only selectively recommend very suitable candidates which meet your requirements from both a professional and personal viewpoint. It is important for us to create added value for you and not to increase your level of workload.

In further proceedings we will support you in a requirement-orientated manner, in relation to the coordination of appointments, the acquisition of reference information etc.; of course these aspects go without saying.

Sustainability instead of short term thinking

We underscore our quality with a guarantee of service. Following a successful placement, we will remain in dialogue with both the company and the candidate in to order to ensure an optimal process of integration.

Your contact for this service is:

Denise Hohl

Steffen & Partner llc

Scheuchzerstrasse 64

CH-8006 Zürich

T +41 (0)44 260 10 40