Our service portfolio

We at all times provide a guarantee to deliver the highest quality to our clients. As a provider of company advisory services which has placed its focus solely in the area of human resources, we as an external advisor wish to provide what is clearly added value services. Our national and international clients appreciate that we can advise them in a comprehensive and networked manner in the area of human resources.

It is exactly this interaction on a basis of trust which we aspire to and which provides us with the greatest amount of pleasure. We are convinced that it is necessary to love the responsibilities which you carry out, in order that you can complete them in a better than average way. It is exactly this passion which we can guarantee to you, and which relates exactly to our motto “Human Resources Excellence”.

Executive Search

We will find the needle in your haystack: quickly, professionally as well as in an uncomplicated manner and always with a portion of humour

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Personnel Placement

You are taking care of your recruitment independently, but you are always open and on the lookout for a more suitable candidate. We are happy to support you with selective and candidates from our own high quality pool of candidates, who meet the requirements of your position.

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Personality Check

Test your internal or external candidates in a significant manner in relation to their personality or methodological competence. Whether using this as an accompanying support to your recruitment process or as a situation analysis for what will be upcoming personnel development measures.

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We carry out assessments which are clearly structured and customized for your requirements and the questions which you require to be asked. Always in a transparent manner and with the “4 eyes principle”.

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We accompany both professional and management candidates as well as private individuals, under the motto – help for self-help.

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Career Advisory Services

A practice oriented situation analysis followed by a sequence of advisory sessions which is fitted towards individual requirements.

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We support companies in a solution orientated manner in relation to the release of their personnel and with our targeted support style we can provide clear assistance to the affected employees with their new positioning within the employment market.

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