An assessment can provide a deeper level of clarity in the decision-making process, in relation to personnel selection, or for decisions pertaining to personnel development. An assessment includes an investigation on a personal level, which gives an additional personal dimension apart from various written test procedures required and will therefore generate the creation of clear statements relating to behaviour.

Employing the two person rule, involving the assistance of an experienced psychologist, is standard procedure in our assessments.

The length of the assessment will be based upon the job profile and the requirements defined by the client and will take between 6 and 8 hours.

The remuneration will be calculated upon the amount of time required, the type of test processes used, the number of exercises and the type of reporting and feedback format which you would prefer to receive.


Our assessments take into consideration the questions you wish to ask in the selection process or which take place through your internal potential analysis. It is important for us to clearly define the exact requirements in a personal discussion.

The candidates will receive an invitation from us and will receive preparatory tasks to complete.

The individual assessments will take place at our offices and will include having lunch together.

For reasons of transparency, both you as the client and also the candidate will receive written feedback as well as additional personal feedback, when required. In a multi-page assessment report we will include a clear recommendation to aid you in making your decision within the recruitment process or we will outline to you the main development points necessary for the personal development measures which will follow.

The assessment is composed of a multi-faceted mix of methods and processes: we use the following processes as standard elements:

  • Diverse test processes (personality tests, ability test, incl. in-box exercise which can be complimented by cognitive test processes, should you wish)
  • Presentation tasks
  • Role play (e.g. in relation to management behaviour), etc.

Your contact for this service is:

Urs Steffen

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