• Steffen & Partner

    Denise Hohl

    Denise Hohl began in her current position, transferring from another industry, in 2010. At that point in time she wanted to change her career path and find an exciting new direction. At Steffen & Partner she found that new challenge and in the years since then she has carried it out with a great level of enthusiasm and success. In order to affirm her excellent performance, Denise Hohl was provided with the status of partner in the company.

    The main focus of her activities with Steffen & Partner lies in taking care of particularly demanding executive searches for various roles and fields, which she carries out up to the level of Board of Director. In addition, she supports and coaches chosen candidates in finding a new challenge.

    She also carries out outplacement advisory services in German and English and provides partial support to Urs Steffen in relation to specific mandates and courses as well as training sessions. Over the years Mrs Hohl has built up a professional and wide ranging career network.

    At Steffen & Partner, Denise Hohl takes care of the company finances, besides her multifaceted company advisory tasks.

    Mrs Hohl speaks German, she can negotiate strongly in English and has a very good level of French.

    Mrs Hohl has a professional business-management training and has been active in a number of different industries, in particular with an internationally-operating chemical company as well as in the tourism branch. Thanks to her many years of practical experience in the field of Sales and Marketing she possesses an extensive amount of specialist knowledge; she has supplemented this know-how with Marketing courses.

    Urs Steffen speaking about Denise Hohl:

    She is extremely communicative, enjoys contact with people and she is able to get things done but with a diplomatic style. I have got to know her as a person who is always on the move and is at times a lively personality. She is actually always in a good mood and in the past has shown herself to be an extremely solution-oriented person. At Steffen & Partner, Denise Hohl carries out multifaceted company advisory tasks and in addition she also takes care of the company finances.

    In her free time Mrs Hohl focuses on culinary pleasures. She is an excellent hostess and regularly spoils her guests with her new creations. Denise Hohl lives with her husband on the outskirts of Zürich and in her spare time she enjoys caring for and beautifying her home and garden.

    Outdoor activities such as snowboarding and skiing, hiking as well as tennis are some of her great passions.

    She is a person who is full of energy and thrives on action; for this reason Mrs Hohl maintains a good balance with modern dance and jazz-ballet.

    In a quiet moment, she enjoys loosing herself in an enthralling piece of literature, whether that be modern classic or contemporary work.

    Mrs Hohl has travelled extensively and is interested in foreign countries and cultures; she is always keen to discover new destinations.