Management and specialised personnel appreciate our practical, targeted and solution-oriented coaching sessions. Urs Steffen has many years of experience and his holistic and resource-oriented approach as well as his wide ranging spectrum of methods are extremely popular with both companies who have a target of potential for their employees to achieve development, as well as private individuals with the same goal. Urs Steffen has accompanied and supported successful CEO’s, members of directorial boards, upper and middle management staff for many years and also, to a certain extent, private clients in the clarification of the following issues:

  • Personal situation analysis
  • The expansion of development and management qualities
  • Changing of roles from employee to leader
  • Improving self-marketing, strengthening self-confidence as well as self-worth
  • Improving self-management as well as time-management
  • Using appreciative and aggression free styles of communication
  • Accompanying Change-Management processes
  • Dealing with feedback
  • Support and supervision in relation to general questions relating to career and personal issues.

We recommend carrying out a personal situation analysis in advance of any coaching process, concerning this we often use our personality check. This process will guarantee an objective estimation of the situation as it currently is in relation to a variety of questions. The result, in combination with the individual requirements of the company and/or the person to be coached, are often the basis for the mutually agreed coaching contract. Without exception we work according to clearly defined, measurable and achievable target agreements, in accordance with this coaching contract. This will guarantee an ongoing examination of the development steps completed.

Any personal details discussed between the coach and the person being coached will be handled with absolute confidentiality. In the middle of the coaching process a feedback discussion will take place between the client, the person being coached and the coach in order for an examination of the process to take place.

The coaching takes place in a realistic setting in the form of discussions, exercises, role plays, situations and “on the job” tasks.

In between the individual meetings the person being coached will receive tasks to complete and on occasions, individually tailored basic theoretical information and/or literary recommendations for self-study.

Each of our coaching meetings take approx. 2 hours to complete out and will be held in our offices.

Your contact for this service is:

Urs Steffen

Steffen & Partner llc

Scheuchzerstrasse 64

CH-8006 Zürich

T +41 (0)44 260 10 40