• Steffen & Partner

    Urs Steffen

    He founded the company hu!man consulting llc in 2008, which is now registered as Steffen & Partner llc.

    Thanks to his over 16 years of work in the human resources environment, the majority of that period in a leadership function, Urs Steffen has an extremely secure level of professional knowledge in complex and advisory human resources disciplines. As a result of his background he accurately understands the requirements of those working as HR professionals. It is always his main intention in these regards to provide an excellent level of quality.

    He has enhanced his practical work experience as an HR Manager with various continuing education courses, an example being in the area of marketing. In addition he has successfully completed an MAS in Human Resources Management at the University of Applied Psychology in Zürich. For Urs Steffen a state of inactivity in relation to learning would be considered a step backwards. He has made continual steps forward in his education, in recent years in the areas of NLP, the non-violent communication of Rosenberg, coaching, as well as in transaction analysis.

    As the business manager and owner of Steffen & Partner he has not only a comprehensive level of knowledge in executive search but he also cares for his clients in a holistic as well as sustainable manner in relation to all issues relating to human resources management.

    Urs Steffen finds the right professional and management personalities in a target-oriented manner. His own work focuses exclusively upon the executive search area for selected regular clients, i.e. with candidates at management level positions and in this matter he is able to take advantage of his high levels of empathetic and analytical capabilities.

    Urs Steffen emphasizes a further important point of focus in his activities in relation to executive coaching. He has provided successful supervision for management employees and members of the board of directors in relation to diverse areas of inquiry for many years.

    In addition he carries out personal assessments as well as estimation procedures and half and one-day assessment programs together with a psychologist.

    Outplacements and team development round out the list of multifaceted activities which he is involved in.

    Since 2008 he has also meticulously managed a small company advisory office.

    Urs Steffen has very good levels of professional knowledge in various branches and he takes care of a wide network of contacts in both his professional and private life. He speaks German and English and as the years go by, more often than not he talks “Tacheles” or as the Americans say, he “talks Turkey".

    Denise Hohl speaking about Urs Steffen:

    He is open to the world, an extremely strong communicator and a multifaceted visionary with wide ranging interests. He skillfully combines these abilities with a high level of empathy. His well-defined requirement for offering high quality, his networked and business-like style of thinking as well as his refined sense of aesthetics are supplementary aspects of his personality. He will also always find the right thing to say in difficult moments and will retain his sense of humour.

    In his free time, he enjoys travelling; European capital cities and Asia belong to his favoured destinations. He always has a suitcase prepared for Berlin, the city provides him with a continuing sense of fascination. Urs Steffen can be considered as bibliophile; since his early childhood he has read intensively and he has a comprehensive library well stocked with classic and current literature as well as books relating to art. In addition he is highly interested in culture, design/modern lifestyle and he collects modern art. In order to remain physically fit he enjoys running with his black Labrador through both city and forest. For many decades he has practiced yoga. Additionally he is regularly complimented for his cooking skills. In general, it can be stated that he is a very inquisitive person and open for new experiences.